Monday, April 30, 2012

Boleh tak?

Sorry, I used to speak and write in English when I get mad. :S
Today the universe turned it's back against me. I faced the mid-term exam, Fiqh Qadha' or Sistem Kehakiman dalam Islam". I had sleepless nights for. After doing, I didn't get a reply as much as the effort I put on it. And yes just great, it's sunny along the day. Looking outside and hearing the stranger voices, it made me stronger than before. I know how hard design is. I know how long i'll be going to reach the best. Im trying too.

Entah. it just hurts. It hurts more when the person you want to talk to about it with, not there. When you start to hope. Being hopeful hurts so much. So much you just would do anything to stop that feeling. My best solution to forget things is to do my work. But since work cari pasal, so i slept.

How do u tell someone you have problems but you just cant because suddenly their problems are bigger than yours?

The best of all, the end of today, I was being blamed back. What a great day. What did I ever do wrong? 
*Menahan kepanasan hati dan sebak*

Bye. shut down.

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